Trezori’s Top Chocolate Cravings

With fashion’s recent turn towards organic, earth-toned colors, it makes sense that brown is making its way back into our wardrobes. It conjures up images of nature’s greatest elements, which were distinct features of the fall season, such as rich garden soil, textured tree bark, and the edges of golden-colored autumn leaves. Always thought of it as boring and “old” looking.

Brown jewelry and accessories are as rich and luxurious. Reminds anyone of delicious chocolate. Unfortunately chocolate isn’t fat free, opt to wear the color in Trezori jewelry and accessories

These several different pieces will help you achieve the fall luxurious look. Indulge in these chocolate-hued stylish pieces:

Dark Chocolate Decadence: This is one of the richest chocolate brown hues you’ll find. It has incredible sparkle and is a deep brown that looks magnificent paired with pink metals.

Synonyme Cognac Shopper Bag: The color of this bag varies from light champagne to a dark chocolate color.

Michael Kors Gansenvoort Men’s Sunglasses: Every man should own at least one piece of brown pair sunglasses. Often white black pieces are first to come to mind but chocolate sunglasses can be a fun way to spice up your typical black look.

Just Cavalli Brown Men’s Shoulder Bag: Transmit all of your royal riches with reveling respect in this rare handbag from Just Cavalli. You’ll receive an amount of recognition for your renowned style from the highest-ranking members of the style elite. The shoulder handbag in this color really makes for an earthy look perfect for the Fall.

Just Cavalli BN Printed Scarfis featured as a bold fashion statement on fall Collection. The over-sized scarf is an ideal statement piece for the urban chic lady.

Explore all our beautiful brown jewelry and accessories.


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